Established in 1988, CSC Learning specializes in implementing web-based programs to support differentiated instruction, which increases student success.

The Mission of CSC Learning is to build partnerships with educators and to share expertise in the use of digital academic tools which foster and improve independent, student-centered learning, and achievement.

Advocating and supporting a change in instructional style, CSC Learning provides literacy, language, and mathematics solutions which integrate effectively into existing curricula.


Why Partner with CSC Learning?

Become a member of our professional learning community and experience real growth.

Accelerated Student Performance

  • Our intervention tools, which are aligned to Common Core Standards, help students acquire language, literacy, and mathematic skills.
  • Our adaptive tools feature embedded assessments and actionable real-time data for effective student-centered, differentiated instruction.

Professional Support and Mentoring

  • To ensure effective program use, CSC Learning’s comprehensive Professional development services provide on-going mentoring and management tools to support educators.

What Teachers Say

  • “I experienced some insight today as to what it’s like to suddenly gain superpowers – the potential with all of those resources is incredible!”
  • “I can’t contain my excitement upon just checking some MAP scores. Remember the student that was barely reading? Well… his MAPs went from 158 in the fall, to 200 this spring – which moved him out of Basic!



Literature:   CSC Learning Partnership Brochure

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