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If you need a refresher or quick guides on mastering simple tasks within our programs, you will find them here. In these sections we have posted student and teacher folders, training presentations, and more!

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Reading Plus

CSC Learning - Reading Plus - Building Partnerships for Student Success!

Reading Plus is an assessment and instruction solution that changes not only a student’s reading capacity and efficiency, but also a student’s motivation for reading. It is the first and only program to assess and address the affective domains that impact student success.

Reading Plus was designed and developed with an Advisory Team of leading experts in the field of reading assessment, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation, including Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert, Dr. P. David Pearson, Dr. John Guthrie and Dr. Ralph Radach.

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Sound Reading Solutions

CSC Learning - Sound Reading Solutions - Building Partnerships for Student Success!

Sound Reading is a comprehensive web-based remedial reading program. Our solution to reading difficulties is grounded in speech therapy and develops auditory processing skills. Through progress monitoring, remedial software activities and fluency exercises, Sound Reading programs reinforce essential reading skills needed to become a successful reader.
Recognizing that 35% of English speakers have fundamental auditory issues, we developed a program that caters to the root cause of reading difficulties − auditory issues. Our software develops students’ auditory skills while tackling issues in fluency and comprehension. Sound Reading utilizes the natural process of reading, unlike phonics programs that force students to memorize rules. Students in our program typically increase 2 − 3 reading grade levels within 2−3 months.

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Symphony Math

CSC Learning - Symphony Math - Building Partnerships for Student Success!

Symphony Math® is a web-enabled program with a visual and highly intuitive interface that helps students understand math at a conceptual level. The best practices in developmental psychology and cognitive science are the cornerstones of Symphony Math®. Their uniquely designed delivery methods ensure that students – regardless of learning styles or knowledge levels – fully grasp fundamental mathematical ideas, even for difficult-to-explain and abstract concepts. The result is a solid foundation for acquiring higher math skills, as well as a positive learning experience.

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School 21

CSC Learning - School 21 - Building Partnerships for Student Success!

School 21 offers courses aligned to the Common Core Math Standards for Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8 Math, as well as High School Algebra 1. Each course comprehensively covers every standard. The courses are divided into units and individual concepts which map to standards as shown. With each course, School 21 divides the content into bite-sized “concepts” that align to standards.

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CSC Learning - DynEd - Building Partnerships for Student Success!

Students from basic to advanced gain English fluency quickly and naturally with DynEd’s unique approach. Students get the confidence they need to excel in school and to prepare for college and careers. Kids stay engaged and motivated learning English with DynEd’s award winning interactive solutions.

Most Trusted. With more than 25 years of experience, DynEd’s solutions are built on award-winning success. Most Advanced. With its brain-based learning theory, DynEd’s solutions take learning to a new level, generating faster results. Most Efficient. With its unique learning and data management systems, DynEd guides both teachers and learners at every step.

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