Trials, Pilots and Grants

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Educators are continually seeking tools to enhance instructional practices and reach every student in their classroom. It’s a known practice for teachers to share resources among their peers, do research among the web for free and low cost resources; attend conferences, create their own materials, purchase their own, are among many creative actions taken to help students. To support teachers, we offer free teacher trials of each component of CSC’s Academic Toolkit. Please contact us to send you a free login with free orientation sessions so that you have a positive experience with our academic tools and can navigate in the most efficient and effective way.

CSC offers similar trials, pilots, and grants to parents and parent leadership organizations.

CSC Learning’s philosophy is that educators should be given the opportunity to try out new programs in their own environment to “test” how they work and determine the appropriate investment to make through a process of vendor due diligence. To respond to this belief, we have partnered with online academic publishers with “best in breed” programs that support us in this process, and partner with you in the evaluation component of your decision making process. CSC Learning’s commitment is to work hand in hand with school/district leadership team to develop a customized implementation plan during the evaluation process that engages all the stakeholders. We provide expert education consultants at no cost to guide you along the way in building a “proof of concept” project implementation plan, using CSC’ academic toolkit as the starting point of innovative resources to enhance instructional resources for teachers, students and parents. Please contact us for more information about establishing a pilot in your organization.

To celebrate our 25 years of service to education, CSC Learning has partnered with LULAC to launch a community grant initiative to establish school leadership demonstration sites. Please contact one of our education consultants for details and to request the grant application.