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CSC Learning - AMS Wellness - Business - Partners - Building Partnerships for Student Success!

AMS Wellness started with a simple dream to build a community that could provide the nurturance and guidance necessary for individuals to grow to their fullest potential. We admire your courage to work on overcoming the obstacles in your life and will partner with you to find your unique pathway to happiness and success.

AMS Wellness clinicians can be an advocate for the family when parents are seeking an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Individualized Catholic Education Plans (ICEP), or a Section 504 plan from their child’s school.  An AMS Wellness clinician will review previous evaluations (Psycho-educational or Diagnostic Evaluations) completed by a psychologist from another practice or by a AMS Wellness clinician, meet with the school staff and parents, and advocate for the most effective modifications to increase the child’s functioning in the school setting.