CSC Learning - Education - Partners -  Building Partnerships for Student Success!Our commitment to education across the Midwest is evident in our 25-year history of bringing revolutionary educational solutions to schools all across the area. By Establishing partnerships with educational institutions, individual schools, school districts and non-profit organizations who serve educators, we are able to develop effective, practical educational models that are mutually beneficial.  CSC Learning’s exemplary business model offers educational seminars, evaluation pilots and demonstration grants for schools.

The Center for Teaching and Learning

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The Center, during its 40+ years, has developed a rich legacy of educational expertise, service and program excellence.

The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning is a not-for-profit organization that serves as the umbrella organization for specific programs that address different, but often related, aspects of high-quality education for students who may be at risk of academic failure. This includes students of all ages from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds; English-language learners, including adults; young children at risk of failure because of poverty, family issues, disabilities or other circumstances; refugee and immigrant populations and others.

Consequently, The Center’s programs—collaborative, cooperative yet each in its own way with a singular focus—include programs for adult learning; early childhood services for children and parents; professional development and parental services for early childhood special needs children; professional development and program support for children from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds; assessments to inform instruction that use tablets and other mobile technology tools; and customized workplace education services for adults seeking to gain an employment foothold in service jobs.

West 40

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The West 40 Center for Professional Learning offers a wide variety of professional development programs. Both individuals and districts can take advantage of the programs providing high quality professional development in a cost-effective manner. The WEST 40 Education Service Center consists of approximately 40 school districts in the western suburbs with 152 schools.